Jacks or Better

Are you a poker player who loves playing all the different versions of poker? If yes, then you will love this new kind of poker from NetEnt. Jacks or Better is a video poker with a twist, which is nicely explained by the name itself. Its simple, win if you have a pair of jacks or higher cards. If standard online blackjack is more style, check out our Live Blackjack review.

The visual appeal is like any standard poker screen with five cards displayed at the bottom of the screen and denomination on the top. The right side of your screen will show you the hands you have won. The game is fun with a simple layout and fair payouts.

Playing Jacks or Better

The rules for Jacks or Better are mostly similar to the five card poker game. The significant difference is that a pair of jacks is the minimum requirement for a payout. As any casino card game, a 52-card deck is used in the game. Once your cards are dealt, you can hold the cards you want and replace the others.

Commands are relatively simple for this game. You click on the green button at the bottom centre of your screen to get started with the game. Once you hold the cards you want, press the green button again to replace the cards you don’t want. Any winning cards, that is, jack or higher cards will be held automatically.

After the hand is over, you need to press the green button again to deal another set of cards.

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Jacks or Better Strategy

The basic winning is very simple for this video poker game. If you land a pair or more of jacks or cards higher than jack, you win. That is the usual stuff. It is how you are supposed to play poker. But this video poker is not limited to just all that. They have an option of ‘Gamble’ for maximising your win after you get a favourable hand.

Once you land a win, you will see a ‘Gamble’ button on your screen. On clicking that button, you get a chance to gamble and double your money. All you have to do is guess the colour of the card’s suit right. If you can do that, you take double the money you just won. But if you guess wrong, you lose what you earned in the previous hand too. You can use this option a maximum of five times and collect all the winnings together.

The minimum bet you can place is 0.05 euros while the maximum is 50 euros. Also, the maximum you can win in this game is 4000 coins which could be won by achieving full house.

Jacks or Better Online

Jacks or Better online is fun, entertaining and appealing. But along with that, it is high paying too. And as you increase the bet level, the RTP increases. At bet levels 1 to 4, the RTP is at 98.4%, but at bet level 5 it is 99.56%.

Jacks or Better is a game of a superior level, and the graphics are of the best quality. The payouts are also bigger because you can play up to 25 hands in one single chance.

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