Blackjack Professional Series

Blackjack has always been a top-rated casino card game, whether it’s land-based casino or online casino. There have been many versions of the game over the years, but avid players would agree that the basic and the original version of the game is always the best. And with NetEnt, you obviously get the best. Be its sophisticated graphics, mellow soundtrack or the game itself, it is always of unmatched quality. The problem with online Live Blackjack has always been that you get the feeling that every playroom is the same. But the Blackjack Professional Series will take you back to the original game without giving you the same old feel. This game might just be your ticket to the next big poker tournament.

blackjack professional series

Blackjack Professional Player

The table graphics and layout is very familiar with the green felt table design with bet levels and a deck of cards visible on the screen. There are also basic instructions written on the side of the table to give an idea to the players about the payouts. Playing the Blackjack Professional Series is simple and uncomplicated.

You start the game by placing your wager. There are 3 card-shaped icons, and you can play on one or maximum two of them. You can see on the top left corner of the screen that the minimum bet requirement is 1 euro and the maximum can be placed at 40 euros. The bottom right corner has 3 coins with €1, €5 and €10 values written on it for you to select your bet amount. There is the 4th coin with red X on it, which cancels all previous bets.

Next, you just have to select the place where you want to wager and click on the button marked “Deal”.

Then, just try to bring your card total as near to 21 as possible by clicking on “Hit” and once you have the satisfactory number, click on “Stand”.

After that, the dealer will deal his hand, and the rest depends on the total he gets.

How to Win Blackjack Professional Series Game

The essential winning in a blackjack comes from the card total. The nearer to the total 21 and the dealer has a lesser number, you get 1.5 times your bet. If both of you get Blackjack, it is considered as a draw, and you get your bet amount back.

When dealt the cards of same value, you are allowed to split them once. By splitting, you get to Hit only once, but you can double your bet, except if you are dealt Aces.

The Blackjack Professional Series also has a unique option of “Double Jack”. Here you need to have 2 Jacks in the cards dealt or at least one should be the first card dealt with you. Once you see Jack on your cards, look for the Jack symbol on the side of your bet. 2 Jack of spades will multiply your wager amount 100x. A pair of any suit will give you 25x your initial bet and Jack as the first card dealt will provide you with 10x your initial bet.

The game is intriguing and is entertaining yet easy. The Blackjack lovers like our SouthPeak Games review team, will fall in love with the game. But that is kind of NetEnt’s USP. If you are still thinking, stop right now and just go play!

You might want to know the best casino to play Blackjack Professional Series. There are casinos like Sky offering free £5 no deposit casino bonuses.

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Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack at Evolution Gaming is one of the most popular games at the online casino. It is extraordinary due to the fact it offers the best features, it is developed for all players who want the best, and it provides the best rewards. As such, this is a game you will want to try. Online casino games free for Live Blackjack are found at most casinos, from Casumo to 888.

live blackjack

Play Live Blackjack

The first thing you will want to know is that you will play a real game, with real people in a real casino, only you will be virtually present there. To play Live BlackJack, you will need a computer, smartphone or a tablet. Yes, this type of game supports multiple devices. The live dealers and other players are real people. Although there are places for seven players, an unlimited number of people can play the game – thanks to the “behind bets” feature. If all seats are taken, you will have 15 seconds to place a behind bet.


Also, once you enter the online casino, you will be able to choose several versions of the game and select the chip value which is the most preferable. Also, the blackjack will be on 17, and the payout is 3:2.

At the top, right corner you will see a small control panel which will tell you when all the best are places and when your turn is. In essence, playing this type of game is extremely simple, and you will need a few minutes to get used to it.

How to Win Online Live Blackjack

The best way to win in the game is to place a perfect pair bet. In general, you can get 6:1, 12:1 or 25:1 winning, which is impressive and one of the best you can get at the moment. An even better is to get 21+3 side bet. The rewarding here is between 5:1 and 100:1! It is essential that your first two cards will be used alongside dealer’s cards to form the perfect 21+3 hand.

One of the primary goals you should have is to be rated with a gold medal. This means that you will become a player with hot streaks. All of you know what this means, and you can understand how important it is.

Live Online Blackjack

Be free to try the game in question and to find a table that suits you the most. Of course, there are different playing possibilities and even more varieties to choose from. It is essential to add that the player’s interface is above the average and the players will enjoy the latest benefits of a great online gambling tricks. We liked the fact video streaming is high-quality, and the game is straightforward to get used to it. In average, you will need less than 2 minutes to understand it.

Keep in mind that you will have at your disposal different tables with different limits. All of this can be seen as soon as you start playing the game you want.

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live Blackjack-Party

Live Blackjack Party

Time to review Live Blackjack Party game. It is, and it has been developed for players who want to get the most out of an online casino, but they are primarily focused on fun rather than on actually winning. And yes, winning and earning are possibilities here as well.

How to Play Live Blackjack Party

Playing the Blackjack Party is extremely simple, but as we have mentioned earlier, the primary accent is on fun and entertainment. In general, you will be welcomed by a dealer and a host. The first thing you will notice is that the game is played with eight decks, 52 cards each. In addition, this version is based on American Blackjack, so it follows the same rules.

You will be able to play a game while sitting at a table, meaning that you will be one of the leading players. However, it is also possible to perform bet behind, saying that you will bet behind another player. In this case, scenario, make sure you check or get the opportunity to be located behind a player who gets hot streaks.

The game can be played on a computer only, so it doesn’t support tablets or smartphones. There are also multiple cameras and with the latest technology, resulting in high-quality video streaming. We, at SouthPeak Games, love the tech side of this game. Its highly engaging.


Winning Live Blackjack Party

The central aspect of the game is fun and betting. You will have countless possibilities, due to the fact this game support perfect pairs, 21+3 and bet behind. These are three, main betting possibilities in the game. In essence, you can get the payout for any winning you get, so this is a fun Blackjack Party game!

Now something about betting limits and possibilities. The min and max bets are £/$5 and £/$1.000. When it comes to behind bets, the limits are £/$0.5 and £/$100, so they are apparently lower. For perfect pair, the bets are £/$1 and £/$500, while for the 21+3 min and max bets are £/$1 and £/$250. You will want to know that Blackjack pays 3:2, so it isn’t bad. But, also keep in mind that insurance pay is 1:1, so the game is safe and appealing at the same time.
We liked the game in question due to the fact it is a low stake blackjack with a high chance of winning. We will also have to add that the lobby, tables and dealers are all fun and appealing.

Party Poker Live Blackjack

In the end, all we can say is that the Live Blackjack Party is one of the best games offered by Evolution gaming. It is unique no less, and it is fun, probably the most appealing of them all. You will like the fact the video streaming is above the average, the game is easy to play, and it comes with a high inning chance. The most prominent drawback I sin the fact this game doesn’t support smartphones or tablets nor early payout which is standard for Evolution Gaming games. Only the best live blackjack casinos partner with “Evo”; you are sure to be with a trusted online casino offering this game. SouthPeak Games has reviewed some of the best poker bonuses for you too.

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Sky poker

3 Poker Bonuses You Can’t Miss

Online poker bonused are definitely something to look for. There are a lot of variables here and a lot of different poker bonuses to get, but some are simply the best. We tested 3 online casinos that stand out from the crowd and offer the best type of bonuses you can get. If you like playing poker, these three places must be on your to-do list. In the past casinos like Gday Casino offered amazing free cash deals and were the leading £20 free no deposit casino. However, changes in gambling laws in the UK have all but eliminated these offers. Doesnt mean there aren’t any great bonuses, here are three of the best poker bonuses.

If you like bonuses, check out our Huuuge Casino free chips page too.

Sky Poker

Here we can see impressive bonuses as well. The first one comes in the form of £10. But, you also get 200% on the first deposit you make. Playing  online casino games allows you to collect points and get SPT Las Vegas package which is worth £3,300 pounds. An interesting possibility is to play in tournaments where you can win £20,000,  but all you have to invest in £10.

The online casino is definitely appealing due to the fact there are a lot of tokens, bonuses and casino money which will be available for you at any given moment. In addition, all you have to do in order to get these poker bonuses and extras is to play games at Sky Poker.

888 Poker

The online casino truly offers the best bonuses. They come in all sizes and versions, so this online casino must be at least tried. The first fact to understand is that all new players will get $88 for free, without making a deposit. Then we have 100% bonus on any deposit up to $400 (in total). The code for this bonus is WELCOME100.

There are 3 additional bonuses you will get. The first one is 7 tickets for the $500 First Depositors’ Free Tournaments. These tournaments are held once a day. You also get 2 tickets for the $1,000 Depositors Free Tournaments (two times per a week) and 1 ticket for First Depositors’ Challenge Tournament (each Friday).

William Hill Poker

William Hill Poker is one of the best places to try out your luck. For example, you get £7 ticket to use on any table game available at the online casino. Then we have £3 tickets to play in the tournaments which are held at the casino as well. But, we liked the most the fact you get 100 points, which are equivalent to £100 regardless of which deposit you make. If you want more, you get it. There is ten free spin bonus available for all new players. All you have to do is register on the website.

The online poker bonus you will get in total is appealing and can help you win a significant amount of actual money. Keep in mind that this casino is tested, popular and safe to play it. When it comes to drawbacks, there are no any.

An online poker bonus is something that you will get for free, but it can make a huge difference and can help you win a significant amount of money by literally investing zero pounds!